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Assessment Summary Results for Comment

Wolfkiel, Joseph
Assessment Summary Results for Comment


As you may have heard, my shop has been working to develop a standard that reports results of benchmarks, vulnerabilities, patches, installed software, and settings called "Assessment Summary Results."  I think we're about finished with making the schemas do what we need them to do and are ready to distribute for comment and feedback prior to posting to the emerging standards page.

Please take a look at the attached schema bundle and let me know if you have any comments.

I'm hoping to have a demonstration available at the CPE Developers Days workshop in February showing how we anticipate using the ASR standard to do operational reporting in the DoD.

Have a Happy New Year.

- Joe Wolfkiel
Lt Col Joseph L. Wolfkiel
Director, Computer Network Defense Research & Technology (CND R&T) Program Management Office
9800 Savage Rd Ste 6767
Ft Meade, MD 20755-6767
Commercial 410-854-5401 DSN 244-5401
Fax 410-854-6700

Summary Results 31 Dec (746K) Download Attachment
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