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[CCE-WORKING-GROUP-LIST] CCE Release 5.20130214 Online

Sain, Joe

Members of the CCE Community –


We are pleased to announce the publication of CCE Release 5.20130214. This release expands the number of CCE platform groups from 22 to 32:


·         apache-httpd1.3, apache-httpd2.0, apache-httpd2.2 – Apache HTTP Server. There are 79 CCEs in the apache-httpd1.3 platform group, 170 CCEs in the apache-httpd2.0 platform group, and 173 CCEs in the apache-httpd2.2 platform group.


·         iis5, iis6 - Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). There are 84 CCEs in the iis5 platform group and 115 CCEs in the iis6 platform group.


·         ms-sql2000, ms-sql2005 – Microsoft SQL 2000 and 2005. There are 32 CCEs in the ms-sql-2000 platform group, and there are 107 CCEs in the ms-sql-2005 platform group.


·         tomcat4, tomcat5, tomcat6 - Apache Tomcat Application Server. There are 83 CCEs in the tomcat4 platform group, 54 CCEs in the tomcat5 platform group, and 51 CCEs in the tomcat6 platform group.


In addition, two platform groups, office2k7 and office 2010, have been modified to include references to DISA STIGs.


This brings the total number of CCE Entries to 12,163.


To download the CCE list in Excel or XML format, please go the following:




Thanks to all who contributed to this effort to expand CCE’s coverage of security controls.




Joe Sain

The MITRE Corporation

CCE Task Leader