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[CCE-WORKING-GROUP-LIST] CCE Transition Announcement

Sain, Joe

Members of the CCE Community –


We are pleased to announce that we are working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Security Agency (NSA) to transition operational responsibility and all intellectual property associated with the Common Configuration Enumeration (CCE) from MITRE to NIST. Over the next few weeks, MITRE and NIST will be working closely together to ensure a smooth transition that maintains the continuity of the effort.


What it Means

NIST will host the CCE corpus and all associated documentation, and they will handle the receipt, processing, and publication of CCE submissions.  NIST will also be responsible for all official CCE correspondence with vendors, the government, and the community. MITRE will continue to participate in an advisory role, and will remain active in the CCE Working Group.


We believe that this change will enable CCE to continue evolving to meet the configuration management needs of all community members.




Joe Sain