[CCE-WORKING-GROUP-LIST] Draft CCE Submission Guidelines and Style Guide for review

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[CCE-WORKING-GROUP-LIST] Draft CCE Submission Guidelines and Style Guide for review

Matthew N. Wojcik
CCE Working Group members,

Please find attached a draft CCE Submission Guidelines document for your review.  This document is meant to be a reference for groups working with the CCE team to propose new CCE entries, or submit proposed modifications to existing CCEs, for review.  It's definitely a draft with some remaining rough edges, but any comments would be welcome.  I should also mention that the CCE team has been working on an update to our Content Decisions document (which is referred to in the guide).  We'll shortly be sending out some updated Content Decisions for comment as well.

We hope this set of submission guidelines will become a valuable resource for anyone wishing to be involved in CCE content creation.  Adhering to the guidelines will significantly reduce the CCE team's level of effort to process submissions.  However, our most successful engagements in federated CCE content management have involved much closer collaboration and ongoing discussions than any static document can provide.  It's our hope that this guide will help start and facilitate such collaborations, rather than removing the need for mutual coordination.

I should also mention that this draft represents the current CCE content workflow.  Dave Mann's message from earlier today is meant to start a discussion that could lead to changes in parts of this workflow, which would of course be reflected in an updated set of submission guidelines.  Please feel free to refer to this current document when considering Dave's proposal as well.


--Woj                  Matthew N. Wojcik                 [hidden email]
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CCE_Submission Guidelines-20100720.pdf (448K) Download Attachment