[CCE-WORKING-GROUP-LIST] Polycom HDX3 CCE Submission Candidate for review

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[CCE-WORKING-GROUP-LIST] Polycom HDX3 CCE Submission Candidate for review

Sain, Joe

The CCE team is pleased to submit to the Working Group the CCE submission for the Polycom HDX platform, which will be a new CCE platform Group. There are 361 CCEs in this submission. Thanks to Eric Cockrell of Polycom for his great work!


Please review and send any comments or questions to this email list. We plan on moving forward with incorporation of this submission into the CCE corpus and publication by 17 May, provided there are no concerns from the CCE community.




Joe Sain

MITRE CCE Task Leader

cce-polycom-hdx3-x.20120509.xls (344K) Download Attachment