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CEE 1.0-beta1

Wunder, John A.

Hey everyone,


I was FINALLY able to put together a bundle for CEE 1.0-beta1. This is both a fairly major change and, when it comes down to it, not such a huge change. The spec was completely rewritten and the field dictionary was upgraded to the latest version from lumberjack (https://fedorahosted.org/lumberjack/wiki/FieldList), but the core CEE structure and the taxonomy both stayed the same.


One note is that the beta includes a hierarchical field list. This will be easy to change though pending the results of the voting on hierarchical vs. flat field names that we’re having right now in another thread. So don’t be worried that it’s in there now, just had to pick a side in order to be able to release this…


If you have time, please take a look through the spec and schemas as a whole and send your comments to the list. If not, over the next few days I’ll write up some e-mails describing the major changes and send them to the list. That way you can comment on the changes without having to read through both of them (although, again, please do if you have the time!)


Two more notes:

1.       The CEE website team is still working on the website update, so for the time being this is only published on this list. This means that some of the links in the attached bundle may be broken for now, sorry, wanted to get this to you sooner rather than wait for the website updates.

2.       This is a beta release and so WILL change before final release. In particular, there’s a 100% chance that the field dictionary and taxonomy in the CEE Core Profile will be changing between this release and final. So keep that in mind when doing implementations.





cee-1.0beta1.zip (383K) Download Attachment