CEE Announce - January 10, 2012 (opt-in newsletter from the CEE Web site)

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CEE Announce - January 10, 2012 (opt-in newsletter from the CEE Web site)

Welcome to the latest issue of the CEE-Announce e-newsletter. This email
newsletter is designed to bring recent news about CEE, such as new versions
of the language specifications, upcoming conferences, new Web site features,
etc. right to your email box. Common Event Expression (CEE) standardizes the
way computer events are described, logged, and exchanged. By using CEE's
common language and syntax, enterprise-wide log management, correlation,
aggregation, auditing, and incident handling can be performed more
efficiently and produce better results than was possible prior to CEE.
Details on subscribing (and unsubscribing) to the email newsletter are at
the end.

Please feel free to pass this newsletter on to interested colleagues.

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CEE-Announce e-newsletter/January 10, 2012

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MITRE Announces Initial "Making Security Measurable" Calendar of Events for

MITRE has announced its initial Making Security Measurable calendar of
events for 2012. Details regarding MITRE's scheduled participation at these
events are noted on the CEE Calendar page. Each listing includes the event
name with URL, date of the event, location, and a description of our
activity at the event.

    "RSA Conference 2012," February 27-March 2, 2012
    "InfoSec World Conference & Expo 2012," April 2-4, 2012
    "Black Hat Briefings 2012," July 25-26, 2012
    "Information Assurance Expo 2012," August 27-30, 2012
    "Black Hat Briefings 2012," November 1-2, 2012

Other events may be added throughout the year. Visit the CEE Calendar for
information or contact [hidden email] to have MITRE present a briefing or
participate in a panel discussion about CEE, CVE, CCE, CPE, CAPEC, CybOX,
CWE, MAEC, OVAL, Software Assurance, and/or Making Security Measurable at
your event.


Making Security Measurable - http://measurablesecurity.mitre.org

CEE Calendar - http://cce.mitre.org/news/calendar.html


* CEE Log Transport Recommendations & CEE Log Transport Syslog Mappings
Specifications Now Available

* Updated CEE Architecture Specification Now Available

* CEE Profiles Specification Now Available

* Three CEE Syntax Specifications Now Available

* CEE Repository Section Added to CEE Web Site

Read these stories and more news at http://cee.mitre.org/news

Details/Credits + Subscribing and Unsubscribing

Managing Editor: William J. Heinbockel. Writer: Bob Roberge. The MITRE
Corporation (www.mitre.org) maintains CEE and provides impartial technical
guidance to the CEE Board and Working Group on all matters related to
ongoing development of CEE.

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Copyright 2012, The MITRE Corporation. CEE and the CEE logo are trademarks
of The MITRE Corporation.

For more information about CEE, visit the CEE Web site at
http://cee.mitre.org or send an email to [hidden email]. Learn more about
Making Security Measurable at http://measurablesecurity.mitre.org.