CEE Board Minutes - Nov. 6, 2012

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CEE Board Minutes - Nov. 6, 2012

Wunder, John A.

Hi everyone,


I’ve promised a couple of you that we would start publishing CEE Board meeting minutes to the CEE discussion list. As you may know, the Board is an advisory group of dedicated CEE participants that act as technical experts, liasons, and advocates for CEE. The board meets on a bi-weekly basis to discuss both technical and strategic issues in CEE. Basically, we try to iron out any obvious issues before you guys have to worry about them and ensure CEE stays on track. The CEE community has been and will be the primary vehicle for CEE discussions on technical decisions.


The first meeting we were planning to publish minutes for was the one today, but unfortunately due to the IETF meeting today and other assorted conflicts we didn’t have enough people who could make it to warrant having the call. Instead, we’re discussing the agenda topics over e-mail. The agenda was:


1.       Discuss comments on the Developer’s Guide and update guide to address

2.       Review the field naming requirements and field dictionary content decisions in the latest spec to make sure we’re on the same page. Once that’s the case, send to discussion list for suggestions/comments/approval.

3.       Check in on similar work for the taxonomy (review existing version for disagreement on content itself or content decisions w/in the board prior to sending to discussion list).


Within the next week or two you should see an updated developer’s guide and a couple decisions to make on CEE field naming requirements and field dictionary content itself.



John Wunder & The CEE Board