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CEE Specifications Released

Apparently the CEE release announcement did not make it to this mailing

On Friday, 26 August, the CEE website <http://cee.mitre.org> was update to
include the latest versions of the CEE Profile and CEE Log Syntax (CLS)
Encoding specifications. Additionally, an initial CEE Base Profile that
defines CEE field and tag names was release into the CEE Repository.

Additional specifications and updated documents will be released on a
rolling release schedule and will be based on feedback from the CEE

Please submit all feedback, questions, and discussion topics to the CEE
Discussion list: [hidden email]

CEE Specifications:
  CEE Profile: http://cee.mitre.org/ceelanguage/event.html
  CEE Log Syntax: http://cee.mitre.org/ceelanguage/syntax.html

CEE Repository: http://cee.mitre.org/repository/

William Heinbockel
Infosec Engineer, Sr.
The MITRE Corporation
202 Burlington Rd. MS S145
Bedford, MA 01730
[hidden email]

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