CEE Telecon - 29 August at 12pm EST

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CEE Telecon - 29 August at 12pm EST

Mark your calendars...

MITRE will be hosting a CEE Telecon on Friday, 29 August
from 12pm-2pm EST.

Phone numbers: 866-648-7367 (North America callers only)
            +1 703-983-6338 or 781-271-6338 (International)
Meeting ID: 2331

The agenda will include discussing the recent CEE
meetings and activities, including those at the
Burton Group CES SIG and at BlackHat. Also, we
would like to come to an agreement on a roadmap
and prioritization for creating log specifications
and documents.

MITRE is in the process of drafting some organizational
documents such as a working group charter and preliminary
roadmaps. These documents will be posted to the CEE
discussion list in the following week or so for public

More details will follow.

William Heinbockel
The MITRE Corporation

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