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03 July 2007

=====================================================About the CEE-DISCUSSION-LIST WG Mailing List
The Common Event Expression (CEE) Discussion list is an
unmoderated list for use by CEE working group members to
discuss CEE-related topics.

MITRE will do our best to direct the discussion and bring up
major topics as milestones in the development of CEE are
reached. Additionally, we encourage members bring up various
topics, concerns, and questions regarding CEE at any time.

We ask that more general log and auditing related topics be
directed to one of the already established log analysis
mailing lists listed below. MITRE will monitor and
contribute to these other lists as necessary; we recommend
that interested CEE contributors do the same.

=====================================================Other Log Mailing Lists
There are other mailing lists for more general log
discussions; these should be use in order to reduce the
chances of cross-postings and split mail threads.

It is highly encouraged that all parties interesting in more
general discussion of auditing and log-related topics
register for one or both of the following log analysis
mailing lists:

* Splunk / Loganalysis.org loganalysis list

* SANS log-analysis list

Privacy Policy

Mailing List Subscription Information

MITRE performs due diligence to ensure that subscription
information is kept confidential. In addition, all CEE-
related mailing lists that are sponsored by MITRE are
configured to prevent attackers from identifying the
subscribers to such mailing lists.

Optional information that subscribers may provide, such as
company name, location, or job function, is used to
determine broad demographic information regarding the types
of users of these mailing lists. Subscribers are not
required to provide this information.

Provision of Information to Third Parties

MITRE will not provide any information that identifies
specific individuals, e.g., email addresses or IP addresses,
to any other organization, except where required by law.
MITRE may provide broad demographic information to other

=====================================================COMMENTS AND UNSUBSCRIBING
To unsubscribe from the CEE-Discussion list, open a new
email message and copy the following text to the BODY of the
message "SIGNOFF CEE-Discussion-list", then send the
message to: [hidden email].

All questions and subscription requests should be sent to
[hidden email]

Copyright 2007, The MITRE Corporation. CEE and the CEE logo
are trademarks of The MITRE Corporation.