CPE 2.2 and trailing colons

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CPE 2.2 and trailing colons

Brant Cheikes

CPE Community,


In preparing CPE 2.3 specifications, we noticed an oddity in the 2.2 specification having to do with trailing colons in CPE names.


The question is: should the CPE names “cpe:/a:b:c” and “cpe:/a:b:c::” be considered different, or should we be permitted to automatically delete trailing colons?


The 2.2 specification, as written, is unclear on this point.  The matching algorithm has a length test, but is silent on whether “cpe:/a:b:c::” is of length 3 or 4.  The sample matching algorithm in Java, posted on the CPE website, appears to treat the two names as being of different lengths, and this leads to matching behavior that strikes some of us as undesirable.  NIST’s implementation of matching normalizes all names prior to matching, and the Core Team’s consensus is that the two names SHOULD NOT be considered different, and that a default practice of deleting trailing colons is acceptable.


In 2.3, we’ve specified a backward-compatible URI binding procedure which deletes trailing colons.  We’d like to know if any implementations depend on preserving trailing colons.





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