CPE Core Team analysis and recommendations for the CPE prefix property

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CPE Core Team analysis and recommendations for the CPE prefix property

Mary Parmelee

CPE Community,


Attached for your information is a slide deck that describes the analysis, results, conclusions and recommendations of the CPE Core Team with respect to the treatment of the CPE prefix property in the CPE 2.3 family of specifications. The primary goal of this analysis was to determine if the prefix property could be removed from CPE 2.3 without breaking backward compatibility.


The presentation is also intended to:

1)    provide a rationale for the Core Team’s prefix property-related recommendations for CPE 2.3;

2)    alleviate misconceptions about the prefix property’s meaning and function;

3)    provide a detailed description of the CPE 2.2 Matching process.


The presentation includes an executive summary on slides 3 – 12 followed by a detailed description of the technical concepts and analytical processes that support the CPE Core Team’s recommendations.


Questions and comments are always welcome. If any of the CPE Core Team’s recommendations or proposed changes create an issue for your organization, please speak up early and often.


Please use the cpe-discussion-list to provide feedback.


Best Regards,


Mary Parmelee
CPE Matching Specification Lead

CPE Core Team
E-Mail: [hidden email]
Telephone: 919-841-4719

CPEPrefixPropertyA_N_R_20100512.pptx (1M) Download Attachment