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CPE Webconference - progress report and community discussion

Brant Cheikes

CPE Community,


Work proceeds apace on the CPE v2.3 specification suite.  I’m pleased to announce that Cisco has recently joined the Core Team and will be contributing to specification development.  In addition, two other vendors recently contacted me to express interest in joining.  This is a Very Good Thing and will help ensure that future releases of the specifications are responsive to community needs.


We will be posting more technical materials soon for community review and feedback.  To promote discussion, we have scheduled a webconference as follows, for anyone available to participate:


·         DATE:  Friday 14 May 2010

·         TIME:  1PM-3PM US/Eastern


(See below for conference information.)  During this time we will briefly review the recently released v2.3 roadmap (posted 4/22), as well as additional technical materials soon to be released.  This is your opportunity to engage with members of the Core Team, hear the latest thinking about what CPE v2.3 will look like, and offer your comments and suggestions.  We look forward to hearing from you!





Conference Information:

Date/Time:  May 14, 2010 at 01:00 PM America/New_York

Meeting ID: 273273 (“CPECPE”)

Meeting Password: 76466348 (“SOGOOD4U”)




Dial 781-271-6338 from the Bedford, MA region.

Dial 703-983-6338 from the Washington DC region, Nationally or Internationally.


TO ATTEND THE MeetingPlace Collaboration CONFERENCE:


1. Go to: http://audioconference.mitre.org/a/44c175a8ca35dbdbb4038d6641f46314

2. Click on Attend Meeting.

   - Accept any security warnings you receive and wait for the Meeting Room to initialize.

3. If MeetingPlace Collaboration Window does not automatically open, press connect.




Visit http://audioconference.mitre.org to test your web browser for compatibility with the web conference. Follow

this link to the browser test link on the page.


Brant A. Cheikes
The MITRE Corporation
202 Burlington Road, M/S K302
Bedford, MA 01730-1420
Tel. 781-271-7505; Cell. 617-694-8180; Fax. 781-271-2352