CWE and CAPEC Support in 2017

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CWE and CAPEC Support in 2017

Andrew Buttner
CWE and CAPEC Communities,

We are excited to report that MITRE will be working to improve the usability and completeness of both the CWE and CAPEC content during 2017. As an immediate next step we will be reaching out to the CWE community to discuss the set of fields that are most often needed and should be part of the basic presentation on the website. This is similar to the discussion we had with the CAPEC community last year.

Our subsequent focus for both CWE and CAPEC will be on the content. We will be trying to fill gaps and enhance current entries that are under specified. Another area that we would like to work on is standardizing some of the terms / fields within our weaknesses and attack patterns.  This has been a long standing request and one that we hope to work on in the coming months.

As we get going, we will let everyone know when we hope to push our next releases. This push probably won't be for a couple of months. So there is time to get some updates in.

Help is always appreciated and if anyone would like to donate content or help improve existing entries, please let us know and we can discuss.



Andrew Buttner
The MITRE Corporation
[hidden email]