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[CYBOX] IMPT: Mailing List Transition Options

Jon Baker

As Rich Struse just announced, we are ready to migrate to the new OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) mailing lists. Other than a few initial emails about this transition, we hope that it will be relatively pain free and automated. There are three basic options for you to consider:


1 - DO NOTHING - If you wish to be migrated to the new list, DO NOTHING. You will be added to the new OASIS cti-users mailing list on Friday. Once the list is created you will receive a welcome message to start the open discussion on the new list.


2 – UNSUBSCRIBE – If you do not want to be added to the new OASIS mailing list, UNSUBSCRIBE from this list by Wednesday evening. To unsubscribe, send an email message to [hidden email] with SIGNOFF CYBOX-DISCUSSION-LIST in the BODY of the message. If you have difficulties, write to [hidden email].


3 – WAIT AND SEE – If you are uncertain you can always wait and see. In this case, do nothing for now and you can later unsubscribe from the new OASIS cti-users list. Once we have migrated people to the new OASIS cti-users list we will follow up on that list with simple unsubscribe instructions.


Please note, that this list will be decommissioned shortly after the transition to OASIS. The public Nabble archive will remain available indefinitely.


If you have questions about the mailing list transition please email [hidden email].





Jonathan O. Baker

J83D - Cyber Security Partnerships, Sharing, and Automation

The MITRE Corporation

Email: [hidden email]