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[CYBOX] List Decommissioning

Kirillov, Ivan A.

As Jon Baker mentioned in his email on August 10th, the CybOX discussion and announce lists have now been decommissioned as part of the transition of CybOX to OASIS. All existing users on this list have been added to the new OASIS cti-users mailing list - you should have received a welcome message from Rich Struse earlier today starting the open discussion on the new list. More information on the cti–users list and the OASIS transition can be found on the CybOX Community page [1].

If you wish to unsubscribe from the new cti-users list, you may do so by emailing [hidden email]and then confirming your unsubscribe request.

It’s been a pleasure working with everyone, and thanks again for your support of CybOX, STIX, and TAXII – we hope to see you on the new list!

Ivan Kirillov