Call for Participation: Remediation Standards telecon, December 1st (proposed)

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Call for Participation: Remediation Standards telecon, December 1st (proposed)

Matthew N. Wojcik


I'm cross-posting this announcement to the XCCDF-dev list because
there is some significant use-case overlap between XCCDF and
Remediation Policy.  I'd love to have input from any XCCDF users
who may not be on the emerging-specs list or previously aware
of the remediation standardization work.

We'd like to have a community teleconference to continue discussion of
the proposed remediation specifications on Wednesday, December 1st,
from 1:00-4:00 PM EST (UTC -0500).  Following up on the ITSAC
workshops and prior community events, we'd like to move forward with
discussion of CRE & ERI, and Remediation Policy.

If you're interested in the remediation effort, *please reply to me
directly* to let me know A) whether you plan to participate or B) if
you'd like to participate but cannot at the proposed time.  NOTE THAT
have to explicitly adjust the distribution of your message to avoid
spamming everyone on emerging-specs.

If we have a quorum for Dec 1st, I'll send out a confirmation.  If
not, we'll try to find an alternative date in early December that will

I'd like to strongly encourage and request participation in this
discussion.  If you haven't attended a remediation standards event
before (ITSAC, Developer Days, etc.), please see the bottom of this
message for some background material.  Also feel free to contact
me--I'm happy to try to set up one-on-one calls to give context.

The basic agenda outline is to focus on two areas: CRE & ERI, and
Remediation Policy.  Topics we'd like to discuss, as time allows,


 - Platform associations
 - Reboot/restart information
 - ID integrity

Remediation Policy:

 - Introduction to Remediation Policy and its place in the workflow.
 - Specifying CRE parameters in Remediation Policy
 - Remediation Policy target asset descriptions
 - CRE preference

Many of these are topics we either raised or hoped to get to at ITSAC.
All would benefit from additional input.  A more detailed agenda and
read-ahead information will be sent out later this week.

Especially for those who weren't at the various Remediation sessions
at ITSAC, the following provide some good background.

Overview of the proposed remediation specification suite: 

Slides from the workshop session on CRE and ERI: 

Slides from the Remediation Policy workshop session: 

Hope to speak with you soon.

--Woj                  Matthew N. Wojcik                 [hidden email]
781 271-8056 office                                           CCE Team
617 872-6247 mobile                        Remediation Standardization


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