Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) Version 2.3 Drafts Released for Public Comment

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Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) Version 2.3 Drafts Released for Public Comment

Waltermire, David A.

Community Members,


I am pleased to announce the release of three Draft NIST Interagency Reports (IRs) on Common Platform Enumeration (CPE). CPE, which is one of the fundamental components of the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP), provides a standardized way to identify and describe software and hardware devices present in an enterprise's computing asset inventory. The three new reports propose specifications as part of CPE version 2.3. Draft NIST IR 7695 defines the CPE naming specification, including the logical structure of well-formed CPE names and the procedures for binding and unbinding these names with machine-readable encodings. Draft NIST IR 7696 provides the CPE matching specification, which defines procedures for comparing CPE names to determine whether they refer to some or all of the same products or platforms. Finally, Draft NIST IR 7697 contains the CPE dictionary specification, which defines the concept of a dictionary of identifiers and prescribes high-level rules for dictionary curators.


NIST requests comments on draft IRs 7695, 7696, and 7697 by September 15th, 2010. Please submit all comments to [hidden email].


The draft documents can be found on the Computer Security Resource Center at:




David Waltermire

SCAP Architect

National Institute of Standards and Technology

(301) 975-3390

[hidden email]