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CybOX 2.0 Available

Charles Schmidt (MITRE)

After taking into consideration all of the input received to date and
working with many of you individually, the CybOX team is happy to announce
that the official final release of CybOX 2.0 is now available on the CybOX

This release incorporates feedback we've received from many parties related
to desired new functionality, simplifications, and ease of use. Major
changes include:

. Significant changes to the CybOX Object model, easing implementation
and extensibility
. Moved many usages of enumerations and strings to controlled
vocabularies with CybOX-provided defaults as well as extension mechanisms
. Created PDF File Object, Custom Object, Link Object, and Socket
. Refined the expression of Observable patterns through new pattern
conditions and associated attributes

Complete release notes are available on the website:

Additionally, based on many requests we've developed a set of samples
( that should
make picking up and using STIX significantly easier. We will also be
providing a FAQ very shortly with answers for questions about many of the
key concepts in the new CybOX release. Bindings and APIs are not currently
available for CybOX 2.0, but should be posted in the next couple of weeks.

As always, please let us know of any feedback, bugs, or problems you have.
We also encourage you to continue (or start!) to use this discussion list
for schema, spec, bindings, development, and all other CybOX questions and
discussions with the CybOX community and the development team.

The CybOX Team

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