CybOX 2.0 Data Dictionaries

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CybOX 2.0 Data Dictionaries

Wunder, John A.

Hey everyone,


In some of our work we found that it would be helpful to have a data dictionaries for CybOX and the set of CybOX objects: basically just tabular representations of the data models separate from the XML Schemas. They tend to be useful both for people who don’t understand XML Schema plus for people who do but don’t want to dig through it every time they’re wondering what’s in an Email Message Object.


We’re planning to publish these on the websites for the current versions CybOX as well as any new versions going forward, but wanted to pass them along to you now both so you can get them sooner and so you can give us any feedback before we go ahead and publish them. So let us know if you have any suggestions on formatting or anything else.


Feel free to share these as if they were posted to the website.


John Wunder

CybOX Team

cybox_objects.xlsx (333K) Download Attachment
cybox.xlsx (95K) Download Attachment
cybox_extensions.xlsx (5K) Download Attachment