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CybOX 2.1 Development

Worrell, Bryan A.

The CybOX team has begun its development of a new minor release of CybOX (2.1) and we'd like you all to weigh in and help out!

We've received a lot of feedback since the release of CybOX 2.0 and so we intend to address much of that feedback through some minor but significant refinements and enhancements such as: fixing bugs with existing CybOX constructs, enhancing/refining some CybOX Object schemas, introducing new CybOX Object schemas, and expanding our default controlled vocabularies. Maintaining compatibility with existing CybOX 2.0 content as much as possible is a top priority, so some of our tracker entries have not been included in the Version 2.1 milestone as they would invalidate existing content.

All of our development is taking place within our GitHub schema repository, where we will be committing changes to the language, creating and commenting on issues, and engaging community members.  Please feel free to join in the conversation by submitting comments and issues to our trackers, or just stay up to date with the changes we're making by following our commits and pull requests.

All of the updates we're planning for CybOX 2.1 are recorded within our issue tracker under the "Version 2.1" milestone, found here:

All of our commits will take place within the "version_2.1" branch of our schemas repository, found here:

As always, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and encouraged, so if you'd like to see something added to a future release of CybOX or want to weigh in on a discussion, just add an issue or comment to our tracker!

The CybOX Team