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CybOX Schemas and Issue Tracker on GitHub

Charles Schmidt (MITRE)

Following the release of CybOX 2.0 one of our major goals on the CybOX
project has been to open up development to make it easier to both follow and
contribute. To that end, we've moved our source code repository to a public
GitHub page ( and our bug tracker to
that repository's public issue tracker
( You'll also notice a
couple other repositories for tools and scripts on the project page
We're hoping that by moving our issue tracker and all schema development to
GitHub we'll be able to make it as easy as possible to monitor development,
submit fixes, and generally stay in the loop. You don't need a GitHub
account to view the pages, but if you do create an account you can watch the
repository to be notified of any changes via e-mail.

If you're a developer and want to fix an existing or new bug, feel free to
fork the repository and submit a pull request
( One request we have
is that any pull requests be associated with a ticket in the issue tracker -
if one exists already please reference it, if one does not exist please send
an e-mail to the mailing list or create a ticket yourself.

One very important note is that GitHub is in no way a replacement for the
mailing list. We still consider the mailing lists the primary place for
conversations about CybOX. GitHub just gives us a good place to do
development and track issues. If you wish to follow developments and
discussions about the CybOX language, the mailing list continues to be the
place for those activities. The addition of GitHub simply provides a way for
the community to track open issues, monitor the low-level details of schema
evolution, and provide a mechanism to support community-developed
contributions to the CybOX schema.

The CybOX Team

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