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Draft CWE Schema 6.2

Andrew Buttner
CWE Community,

With the upcoming release of CWE Version 4.0, there will be a new minor
release of the schema (v6.2). A draft of this new schema is available on the
CWE website at:


The changes to the schema are as follows:

1) A handful of documentation changes to reflect CWE's expansion into
hardware related issues.

2) Removal of the <Paradigm> element from the ApplicablePlatformsType as
this element was not widely used and there was confusion about what it

3) Addition of the term "Pillar" to the AbstractionEnumeration. The term
"Pillar" has actually been a part of CWE for a while and is defined in the
glossary, but was not previously part of the schema. This will allow CWE to
formalize its use, which you will notice in Version 4.0 at the top level of
the Research Concepts view.

4) Addition of "Verilog" and "VHDL" to the LanguageNameEnumeration.

5) Slight modification to some of the values within the
StakeholderEnumeration along with the addition of "Hardware Designers"

6) Complete refactor of the TechnologyClassEnumeration and
TechnologyNameEnumeration to reflect the addition of hardware related terms.

If there are any questions or suggestions related to this draft, please let
us know.



Andrew Buttner
The MITRE Corporation
[hidden email]

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