Drafts of CPE V2.3 specification suite

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Drafts of CPE V2.3 specification suite

Brant Cheikes

CPE Community,


Five documents are attached to this message.  Four are the draft specifications comprising the CPE v2.3 specification suite: Naming, Name Matching, Dictionary, and Language.  The fifth is a ZIP file containing the dictionary XSD and a small dictionary sample.  These documents are being released for review and comment in advance of next Wednesday’s CPE session at SCAP Developer Days (cf. http://cpe.mitre.org/community/dev_days.html). 


In version 2.3, we have departed from past CPE practice by breaking the single CPE specification into four separate specifications arranged in a stack.  Naming is the foundation of the stack, Name Matching builds in Naming, and Dictionary and Language build on Naming and Name Matching.


Comments are welcome and invited.  Each document has embedded line numbers to help you reference the particular portion(s) of each specification on which you wish to comment.  Feel free to post comments to the discussion list, and/or to send marked up drafts back to me.


Next week’s Developer Days session will serve as an opportunity for those in attendance to interact with the CPE Core Team, ask questions and provide feedback.  Because our time is limited, we will not be able to offer a tutorial on the new design, so we strongly encourage those planning to attend to read ahead and come prepared with questions and comments.


After Developer Days, the Core Team plans to quickly finalize the drafts, then in late June/early July post the release candidates officially for public comment.  Although we have slipped our schedule slightly we believe we remain on track to deliver final specifications to NIST in time for inclusion in the next SCAP release.





Brant A. Cheikes
The MITRE Corporation
202 Burlington Road, M/S K302
Bedford, MA 01730-1420
Tel. 781-271-7505; Cell. 617-694-8180; Fax. 781-271-2352


CPE_2_3_NISTIR_Language_06092010.docx (170K) Download Attachment
CPE_2_3_NISTIR_NameMatching_06092010.docx (212K) Download Attachment
CPE_2_3_NISTIR_Naming_06092010.docx (260K) Download Attachment
official-cpe-dictionary_v2.3-sample.zip (6K) Download Attachment
CPE_2_3_NISTIR_Dictionary_06092010.docx (284K) Download Attachment