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FW: Join a SwA Working Group Today!

Chase, Melissa P.

If you are interested in attending the Malware Working Group session on Dec 14, you should register by clicking on the “registration is required” link below.


We will try to arrange for a teleconference / web conference. We’ll post to the list when we have more details.




From: [hidden email] [mailto:[hidden email]] On Behalf Of Houser, Walter (CTR)
Sent: Monday, November 29, 2010 5:34 PM
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Subject: Join a SwA Working Group Today!


Dear members of the Software Assurance Community:  


The December SwA Working Group Sessions is coming December 14-16 at MITRE.  As before, the cost is FREE, but [hidden email].  The Working Groups (WG) need your input and participation so would you kindly indicate your interest by clicking on the working group(s) of interest to you?  We are updating our records and want to ensure we properly identify the working group participants so we can better communicate when we want to solicit feedback or discuss working group specific topics.   If you include contact information in your message, we presume you wish us to note it.  If you have previously indicated an interest in a topic covered by a working group, please reaffirm your interest by using the links below. 


What topics does the Working Group cover?

I want to get involved!

Software Assurance Forums and Working Groups

[hidden email]

Workforce Education and Training

[hidden email]

Processes and Practices

[hidden email]

Technology, Tools and Product Evaluation

[hidden email]

Acquisition and Outsourcing

[hidden email]


[hidden email]

Business Case

[hidden email]


[hidden email]


Although the Working Group Sessions may include keynote speeches and presentations regarding status updates, the Working Groups drive SwA initiatives forward by providing venues for public/private collaboration in advancing SwA and developing deliverables. Forums are scheduled in the spring and fall, while Working Group Sessions are held in the summer and winter.


Walter R Houser, CISSP, CISM, PMP
Software Assurance Program Support, NCSD/DHS
SRA International, 3434 Washington Blvd. ,Arlington, VA 22201

703.284.6180 | 571-244-6394 (cell) | [hidden email]
"Build Security In" https://buildsecurityin.us-cert.gov/swa and Software Assurance Mega-Community on Linkedin. 

The next SwA Working Group Sessions will be December 14-16, 2010, at MITRE in McLean VA.  Cost is FREE, but [hidden email] You may use the link [hidden email] to register. 

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