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Idea for ORML

Vladimir Giszpenc

The HP folks are not going to like this idea for sure and pretty much
everyone else has decided over and over that they don't like it either.
However, I am a glutton for punishment and apparently I am looking to get

The .Net C# architects basically stole 99% of their vocabulary from Java.
Plagirism is the best form of flattery so no problem there.  They then added
a keyword called "unsafe".  This allowed them to do nasty things like
pointer arithmetic.  Not my main point, but if there is a language we should
copy from, I have no problem with that.

I propose we have a similar concept.  This will allow us have the unloved
SCRIPT tag to create content from the start for all use cases.  As the rest
of the language matures, the use of "unsafe" should diminish over time.

A use case I am thinking about is actually to test my OVAL interpreter.  I
will be able to (1) set the state of a host.  (2) Evaluate some SCAP
content.  (3) Compare my results against expected results.  There is no need
to change OVAL.  And I would start the work of writing an ORML interpreter.

This is not a requirement; it is more of a hint or suggestion.  The idea, if
it was not clear, would be that unsafe content could be ignored.  I believe
that it would be useful none the less.

Have a nice weekend!


Vladimir Giszpenc
DSCI Contractor Supporting
US Army CERDEC S&TCD IAD Tactical Network Protection Branch
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