Issue with changes to Entity[State/Item]RegistryTypeType in 5.11

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Issue with changes to Entity[State/Item]RegistryTypeType in 5.11

See the changes to the type that happened in 5.11:

I recall commenting to this effect at the time (to no avail, apparently)… but the changes that were made in 5.11 are problematic, and need to be fixed.

First, two of the types are indistinguishable from existing types: reg_dword_little_endian (identical to reg_dword) and reg_qword_little_endian (identical to reg_qword).  We should eliminate these two new enumeration values.

Additionally, the type is missing three actual (distinguishable) registry value types from the enumeration: reg_resource_list, reg_full_resource_descriptor and reg_resource_requirements_list.  I propose that registry values of these types be represented as binary data, using the binary datatype.

I can mock these changes up in the windows-definitions-schema.xsd and windows-systemcharacteristics-schema.xsd, if that would be helpful.  (If so… would it be possible to just eliminate the bad entries from the enumeration values?  Or, would I have to deprecate them?)

Best regards,
—David Solin

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