MAEC 4.0 is in Development

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MAEC 4.0 is in Development

Kirillov, Ivan A.

I just wanted to let you know that we're actively working on the development MAEC 4.0. The primary change from 3.0 will be the incorporation of CybOX v2.0 (, which was released a few days ago. Thus, while we had hoped to make this a minor revision, the scope of changes in CybOX v2.0 means that backwards compatibility with previous 3.x versions will not be possible, and thus a new major version is necessary.

Besides the CybOX v2.0 integration, we're planning on making the following additions:
-The ability to add AV-Classification results for a malware binary as a first-class property of the MAEC Bundle (see
-The ability to characterize minor variations (e.g., the same binary with different filenames) of a Malware Subject as part of the Subject (see

The ETA for this release is by the end of the month, but we'll keep you posted with more firm dates as we make progress on the release. The ALPHA versions of schemas, with the CybOX v2.0 integration, are currently up on our schemas GitHub repository, and will be updated accordingly as we add the new features and make tweaks:

If anyone would like to see any other changes/tweaks/additions for v4.0, please let us know, as this is a good time to get them in!

Ivan Kirillov
MAEC Project
The MITRE Corporation