MAEC 4.1 Release Candidate Now Available

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MAEC 4.1 Release Candidate Now Available

Kirillov, Ivan A.

Just wanted to send a quick message to let everyone know that the Release Candidate of MAEC v4.1 is now available:


We are releasing this for use in testing and as a snapshot of the current, near-final, state of MAEC 4.1. However, please note that these schemas should not be used in any production code or other real-world use as they are subject to change before the final release. This release incorporates several major revisions, including the addition of the initial set of vocabularies for the MAEC Malware Capabilities and Objectives implementation; there are still a few minor issues that we are planning on implementing for the final release, but all major changes should be in place in this release candidate.



Ivan Kirillov

MAEC Project