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[MAEC] MAEC Email List Changes

Kirillov, Ivan A.



I just wanted to give you a heads up on some changes being made to the MITRE email list infrastructure.


The email server currently used for the MAEC Community Email Discussion List (http://maecproject.github.io/community/#discussion-lists--archives) and MAEC Announce e-newsletter (http://maecproject.github.io/community/#free-newsletter) is being replaced in early 2018.


Although you don’t need to do anything, this announcement is being made now so that you will be aware of the change since MAEC messages will be coming from a new email address. You will automatically be transferred to the new subscriber list.


What will change:


|Old Email List Sender Address              |New Email List Sender Address  |

|[hidden email] |[hidden email] |

|[hidden email] |[hidden email] |


We will also send a message from each list after the changeover occurs, so you can add the new email address(es) to your safe senders list.


In addition, we will create a new archive on Nabble for the new “[hidden email]” when the time comes so all new messages on the new email discussion list will continue to be publicly archived for review by the MAEC Community. The previous archive (http://making-security-measurable.1364806.n2.nabble.com/MAEC-Malware-Attribute-Enumeration-and-Characterization-f4094903.html) will also be retained for historical purposes. We will notify you once the new discussion archive is created.


Please contact [hidden email] with any comments or concerns.