[MAEC] MAEC v5.0 Proposals - Round 3

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[MAEC] MAEC v5.0 Proposals - Round 3

Kirillov, Ivan A.
The third and final round of proposals for MAEC v5.0 is now ready for feedback and comments. This round incorporates some further refactoring of existing types, along with some new feature additions. We’ve also modified and expanded the scope of a few previous proposals (see below); as a result,  we’ve re-opened them for feedback.

You can also find this list on our Wiki [1] and the result of some of these proposals in our MAEC 5.0 in a Nutshell page [2].

We look forward to your feedback! Feel free to reply directly to this thread, so that we can keep the comments contained in one place.

Comments for this round will close in two weeks, on September 24th

Ivan Kirillov