New CWE strategy, discussion points, and other documents

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New CWE strategy, discussion points, and other documents

Steven M. Christey-2

We have created a "Working Documents" section on the CWE web site.  We
will be using this section as the launching point for discussions with
the CWE Researcher community.

The section is here:

1) The "Short-term Strategy" explains what we intend to do for the
   next couple months.  Notice our early emphasis on Systemic and
   high-priority modifications, as well as active discussion on this
   list, not to mention the aggressive schedule.

2) We also have a brief summary of the kinds of issues in Draft 6.

3) As a result of Systemic and Major modifications, we might have to
   restructure significant portions of CWE.  The "Managing Node
   Restructuring" document covers some possible ways of doing this.

4) We also have the "Major Discussion Points."  We currently have
   detailed documents on 5 separate discussion points, with lists of
   CWEs that are relevant to each point.  We plan to devote sufficient
   time to each discussion point, but spread them out over time so
   that we can have focused discussions.  In the next day or two, I'll
   be proposing two of thse discussion points to this mailing list.

5) CWE has various stakeholders, so we thought it was important to
   outline who they are, as well as some ideas on views and usage
   scenarios.  We will be accounting for this kind of diversity as we
   consider future changes to CWE.

While these documents might appear polished, we are not regarding them
as authoritative.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel
free to post them to this list.

As a reminder, these discussions will be publicly archived, on  We look forward to some productive debates in the coming
months, and we know that CWE will emerge as a better product because
of your participation.

Thank you,