OVAL Version 5.11.1 Officially Released

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OVAL Version 5.11.1 Officially Released



We are pleased to finally announce the OVAL 5.11.1 Official Release. This set of updates may be found tagged on the GitHub Repository at https://github.com/OVALProject/Language/tree/5.11.1/schemas. The https://oval.mitre.org  website will no longer be used for hosting files related to new releases.


The highlights of OVAL 5.11.1 includes:

·         Adding a new debian_evr_string datatype

·         Adding the check_existence attribute for OVAL State entities

·         Adding an optional “platform” attribute to the generator schema_version element to better identify targeted platform extension versions.

·         Re-implemented the Notes element to include support for content prior to OVAL 5.11.0.

·         Updated noncompliant Schematron rules.


The full list of changes that went into this release can be found at https://github.com/OVALProject/Language/wiki/Changelog.


Thanks to everyone who contributed towards making this release possible.

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