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OVAL web site next updated December 23

Matthew N. Wojcik
To let everyone know, the updated queries mentioned in the last couple
of messages won't actually show up on oval.mitre.org until Monday.
We're working towards a more frequent update schedule, but at the
moment content on the web site will probably be refreshed weekly.

On another note, the first message on the list today ("OVAL IE queries
- MS02-068 update") really came from my colleague Tiffany.  I tried to
redirect a message she'd sent to the OVAL Board list, and the list
software didn't do quite what I expected.  If you would like to reply
to that message, please make sure you mail is addressed to

  [hidden email]

A bad Reply-To: header was preserved when I redirected the message.

Sorry for any confusion,

--Woj                  Matthew N. Wojcik                  [hidden email]
OVAL Moderator                                   http://oval.mitre.org/