Proposal: Regular Expressions and CybOX Patterns

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Proposal: Regular Expressions and CybOX Patterns

Worrell, Bryan A.

Hello all,


This proposal addresses interoperability and compatibility concerns stemming from the way CybOX currently leverages regular expressions in CybOX patterns. Specifically, this proposal redefines the use of the @regex_syntax attribute and proposes an addition to the CybOX Language Specification: a section defining the intersection of common regular expression syntaxes to be used, but not required, for the creation of regular expressions in CybOX patterns.


This proposal addresses some of the points brought up recently on the CybOX Discussion List concerning the processing of CybOX content. It does not mention collation or other issues regarding internationalization, though we strongly encourage the community to continue the discussion of those topics.


A detailed proposal, including expected impacts is attached. Please note that this not describing an accepted change but rather is a proposal being put forward for community review and feedback. Comments and concerns with regard to this proposal are welcome and encouraged—please send comments in response to this message.



Bryan Worrell (for the CybOX Team)


CybOXRegularExpressions.pdf (171K) Download Attachment