Proposal: Simplify the StructuredTextType

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Proposal: Simplify the StructuredTextType

Charles Schmidt (MITRE)
Hello all,

This proposal deals with simplification of the StructuredTextType.
Currently, structured text (as used in prose descriptions) uses a custom
structure. It has been observed that this custom structure is somewhat
heavyweight in situations where minimal structuring of the text is
necessary. (E.g., if the description is just a simple sentence, the current
structure still requires the use of extra XML elements wrapping this text.)
It has been requested that the structure be simplified and also brought more
in line with existing community practices (instead of using a custom

Two proposals using different mechanisms are attached. The write-up looks at
the pros and cons of each approach. We are hoping the community can weigh in
on which (if any) of the proposals are most in line with community needs.

This corresponds to item #7 in the CybOX Project/Schemas issue tracker on
GitHub. ( Please note that this is not
describing an accepted change but rather is a proposal being put forward for
community review and feedback. Comments and concerns with regard to this
proposal are welcome - please send comments in response to this message.

Charles (for the CybOX Team)

SimplifyStructuredText.pdf (632K) Download Attachment
smime.p7s (9K) Download Attachment