Python-cybox 2.0.0b4 now available

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Python-cybox 2.0.0b4 now available

Back, Greg

Version 2.0.0b4 of python-cybox is now available on PyPI and as a tagged
release on GitHub.

Brief summary of changes:
- Added support X509 Certificate objects
- Enable adding arbitrary XML namespaces/prefixes to XML output
- Enable custom properties on ObjectProperties
- Add Unicode support to BaseProperty and subclasses (String, etc.)

Also, version 2.0.0 of the email_to_cybox script (announced yesterday)
requires at least v2.0.0b4 of python-cybox. I accidentally used a new
feature being developed for the new release without realizing it, but
upgrading to the newest version should solve any issues.

As always, feedback and bug reports are welcome!

Greg Back

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