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Re: CES conference call scheduled for Aug 29th, 2 hours from 09.00 PST

Ian Dobson-2
Following up my email (below) and Trent Henry's reply recommending we
use my account (I've not heard from anyone else) I confirm I will
host the scheduled conference call on August 29th, which we agreed in
our previous call on July 15th.

Date: Aug 29th
Time: 09.00 US Pacific

Dial-in: +1 641 715 3210
Access code: 809865#

Please join the call to follow up our plans on collaborating to build
on the positive CES work we have shared so far.


At 18:33 27/08/2008, Ian Dobson wrote:

>Hi Dan and Bill, and all,
>I have Friday August 29th in my diary for a follow-up Common Event
>Standard conference call, to check progress on Mitre's arrangements
>for setting up collaboration facilities so we can build on the
>positive CES work we have shared so far. I even have the time
>written down as a 2 hour call starting at 5.00PM UK time (09.00 US
>Pacific time).
>I know from a conversation with Dan a few weeks ago that he is
>unavailable for the call, but that Bob and Trent are available.
>In particular however, I don't know (or may have simply forgotten)
>who undertook to host the call. If it was me, then please accept my
>apologies for not announcing the logistics a week ago, and I'll
>willingly use my conferencing call account (US-based, incurring
>local call rates):
>Dial-in: +1 641 715 3210
>Access code: 809865#
>Otherwise I guess it would be Bill or someone else in the Cc: list here.
>Please advise.
>Thanks and regards,

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