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Robin Gandhi

Categories by definition are just collections of CWEs that share a common characteristic. They don't reflect hierarchies. In the "Research Concepts" (CWE-1000) view you will find that CWE 295 is a "parent of" CWEs 296-299. Also, in the research view, CWE 295 is a parent of CWE 599. 

If you want to focus on hierarchical relationships, I would recommend you consult the "Research Concepts" or the "Developmental Concepts" views which are CWE-1000 and CWE-699 respectively.



Robin Gandhi

Charles & Margre Durham Associate Professor

University of Nebraska at Omaha

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From: Coles, Matthew
Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2019 4:32 PM
To: [hidden email]
Subject: [EXT] Question regarding CWE-295 and its (missing) relationships



I’d like to raise an potential hierarchy issue with a couple of CWEs. If this has been reported previously my apologies for the duplication.


Recently I was trying to locate the correct CWE for “failing to validate a TLS certificate”. In the CWE search box, I entered “failure to validate” and find the top items related to certificates.


First I found these:


CWE-296: Improper Following of a Certificate's Chain of Trust

CWE-297: Improper Validation of Certificate with Host Mismatch

CWE-298: Improper Validation of Certificate Expiration

CWE-299: Improper Check for Certificate Revocation


Which are in Category: CWE-948 CWE CATEGORY: SFP Secondary Cluster: Digital Certificate


Also in this Category is the very specialized CWE-599: Missing Validation of OpenSSL Certificate


Later, I found CWE-295 Improper Certificate Validation, which probably should be the parent to CWE-296, 297, 298, and 299, and potentially should be part of CWE-948 (but it is not).


Is CWE-599 really special or should it be considered a duplicate of CWE-295?



Thanks in advance for your thoughts,


Matthew Coles


Product Security




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