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Adam Montville-2
Hi Richard,

Thank you for reaching out.  I¹ll be sending another update out today.  We
are still working on the submission process and the Website for downloads
is also in progress.

Kind regards,


On 7/28/15, 7:10 AM, "Richard Helbing" <[hidden email]>

>Dear Transition Team,
>taking account of the planned schedule for the
>transition of the OVAL repository I am wondering what the actual status
>I am asking as I have no information about the status of quite important
>- Website
>- Download URLs for predefined OVAL files (e.g. Windows
>- Mailing list (I have registered, but not yet seen any
>A message announced for last week has not been sent.
>Are you still
>planning to start at CIS at 01.08.2015 or do you have a different
>Best regards
>Richard Helbing
>Best regards,
>baramundi software AG
>Beim Glaspalast 1
>[hidden email]
>Tel: +49
>(821) 5 67 08 - 593
>Fax: +49 (821) 5 67 08 - 19
>Management Board:
>Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Uwe Beikirch | Marcus Eiglsperger
>Chairman of the
>Supervisory Board: Rainer Liebich
>Registered office and court: Augsburg, HRB
>no. 2064 | VAT identifcation number: DE 210294111

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