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Booth, Harold

CCE Community Members,


We would like to thank MITRE for their work to advance CCE to this point. We are committed to continuing to evolve CCE to meet the configuration management needs of all community members. Over the next few weeks, NIST will be working closely with MITRE to ensure a smooth transition that maintains the continuity of the effort. We will be working to transition existing CCE operations and content to NIST.


For the first part of the transition we have established a new email address ([hidden email]) for submission of new CCEs. Please send all new CCE submissions to this new email address.


We have also established a new landing page for CCE at: that contains some basic information and the CCE List. We will be populating other supporting information from the existing MITRE hosted CCE website at this location in the near future.


We have also created a new mailing list ([hidden email]) for ongoing community discussion. Membership of the old list has been carried over and if you are receiving this message it is because you were a member of the previous mailing list. If you would like to unsubscribe to the new email list, please send an email to [hidden email]. The subject and body of the unsubscription email will be ignored.


The original mailing list has been archived at:


We will keep you informed as we make additional progress. Please let us know if you have any questions.




Harold Booth

Computer Scientist

Computer Security Division

National Institute of Standards and Technology

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