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Release of Draft 9

Steven M. Christey-2

Just in case some of the researchers are not subscribed to the CWE
announce list, following is the announcement of Draft 9.  We have
accomplished a lot in this draft, and I hope you will agree.

In the next day or so, I'll post some more extensive discussion of some of
the schema changes and some outstanding issues, and I'll discuss some of
the content changes as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please notify the CWE team, or post
to this list.  We do want to have some active discussion on this list, and
the transition between Draft 9 and "CWE 1.0" will provide ample

- Steve


The ninth draft of CWE has been posted on the CWE List page. It
includes several important changes. A report is available that
lists specific differences between Draft 8 and Draft 9.

Specific changes for Draft 9 include: significant schema changes
to better distinguish and link between Weaknesses, Categories,
Views, Chains, and Composites; 39 new entries, many of which
improve the organization of CWE; changes to the names or
descriptions of over 200 entries, in order to more accurately
reflect each entry; modification of relationships related to
classification under a "natural hierarchy" view; addition of a
Status field to reflect the maturity of each entry; an updated
report on prioritization of fields; the introduction of named
chains; and many other changes affecting over 450 entries.