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Revised: MITRE and CEE

McQuaid, Rosalie M.

Seeing the insightful and immediate feedback generated from the Field List posting, we would like to clarify the CEE board and MITRE's involvement in the CEE initiative. 

There are several people here at MITRE that have been developing the groundwork for CEE.  The MITRE contacts for the initiative are Rosalie McQuaid (781-271-7676, <A href="">rmcquaid@...) and William Heinbockel (781-271-2615, <A href="">heinbockel@...).

As with most efforts, MITRE feels that the best way to encourage participation on a particular subject is to provide a body of work for a larger group to absorb and comment on. For this reason, we spent some time over the past year working with Raffy Marty and Anton Chuvakin to develop some of the groundwork for CEE.  At the beginning, we felt it was best to keep the initial group small in order to develop something of at least SOME substance so that the group would have a starting point for developing CEE. We believe that we are at that point today.

As you can see, the Field list is by no means complete nor is it the official CEE list. It is a suggestion, or starting point for people that are interested in an imitative that makes sense -- CEE. We are forming the CEE Working Group to be a collaborative group aimed at the creation of an open, practical, and industry-accepted event interoperability standard.

We encourage discussions, suggestions and involvement from all on the discussion list -- this is a key concept if the community is going to develop an open, practical and accepted standard.

Towards that end, we are scheduling monthly telecons where the CEE working group can openly discuss the development of CEE. MITRE will host the first CEE working group telecon on Friday April 4, 2008.  In addition, we are holding an informal working group meeting at the RSA Conference in April.  Information on these two meetings is below.

Telecon & Working Group Kick-Off Telecon Info : Date: 4 April 2008, Time: 1:00 - 2:30pm EST / 10:00 - 11:30am PST    Dial-in information:   Phone Numbers: 866-648-7367 (866-MITRE-MP), for North American callers only or 703-983-6338 (Washington) or 781-271-6338 (Boston)    ----   Meeting ID: 2331

In-Person Meeting at RSA Conference :  This meeting will be an in-person meeting for CEE during the RSA Conference being held in San Francisco from April 7-11, 2008. Date and time will be announced in the next few weeks.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestion please do not hesitate to contact me at 781-271-767 or <A href="">rmcquaid@....




Rosalie M. McQuaid
Associate Dept Head Crypto and IA Research
Principal InfoSec Engineer
The MITRE Corporation
202 Burlington Rd.
Bedford MA