Soliciting Contributions to the CAPEC Organization Usage Page

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Soliciting Contributions to the CAPEC Organization Usage Page


In conjunction with MITRE’s effort to build a more active CAPEC community, we created an Organization Usage page this past summer to highlight organizations that use CAPEC in their tools and processes. We just added three more organizations to the page for a total of six. As you can see, more and more organizations are using the page to describe their use of CAPEC.


We are again inviting interested organizations to submit contributions.


Each organization can provide a paragraph or two describing of how the tool or process leverages CAPEC.  Additionally, a logo and a screenshot would make the entry look even better.


All contributions will be reviewed by our team and no content will go “live” until approved by both you and us.  We manage the page itself, but are open to updates if or when they are needed.


To be clear, from our point of view the purpose of this page is to draw attention to the different uses of CAPEC in the community. Although the page will not explicitly promote organizations or their tools/process,  there is obviously an advantage to have your tool/process listed on the page.


Hope to hear from you soon.


Thank you for your continued interest in CAPEC! 


                Rich Piazza



Rich Piazza

The MITRE Corporation