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David Corlette
Hello all,

As promised (although later than I'd hoped, but just in time for the holidays!), I'm posting a copy of our current XDAS strawman proposal here.  A couple things:

- This work is owned by the Open Group; if you would like to get involved in the development of this standard, please contact Ian Dobson at [hidden email]
- The intent of cross-posting here is to:
  (a) inform the broader community of the work going on in the Open Group on this standard
  (b) See if we can align on ways to make sure that XDAS and CEE are interoperable
- This proposal is the work of a several motivated members of the group. I think we've done some good work on the scope and data model and are on the right track, but we are by no means wedded to this particular implementation. We anticipate an active discussion and likely major changes to the proposal. As such, treat this proposal as a starting point.

Attached you will find three chapters:
- Ch1 covers the scope and requirements for this standard. Please note how this relates to the scope of CEE (both similarities and differences).
- Ch2 presents the data model that we are using to describe interactions between computing systems.
- Ch3 presents the data objects that we intend to use. Please note that these are very preliminary and are really presented as exemplary.

Next steps:
Please let us not take up the time and e-mail quotas of the CEE members except insofar as how this standard might inform or relate to CEE (we are more than glad to share any conceptual frameworks between the two projects).  If you are interested in discussing the internals of the standard, please contact Ian Dobson to get involved, and we will discuss the details on the sec-das list.

So... cozy up to your fire on Christmas day with a mug of hot cocoa, and enjoy a good read through the XDAS standard! ;-)

XDAS_v2_CH1-Scope.pdf (136K) Download Attachment
XDAS_v2_CH2-DataModel.pdf (155K) Download Attachment
XDAS_v2_CH3-Resources.pdf (151K) Download Attachment