[TAXII] RSA STIX / TAXII BoF Remote Participation

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[TAXII] RSA STIX / TAXII BoF Remote Participation

Jon Baker

We are going to try to support remote audio participation at the STIX / TAXII BoF tomorrow.  The attached invite has the dial in information. We will be in a large room with a polycom. No promises that it will be good audio support, but we will try.


The BoF will run from 12 – 2pm pacific time. We plan to run a 30 minute Q&A session on the OASIS transition and then a series of 10 micro talks led by the community.


If you plan to attend in person, please RSVP to [hidden email]. The room holds about 50 people and we are close to capacity.







Jonathan O. Baker

J83D - Cyber Security Partnerships, Sharing, and Automation

The MITRE Corporation

Email: [hidden email]


RSA STIX TAXII BoF.ics (11K) Download Attachment