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Tools FAQ and IOCextractor

Worrell, Bryan A.

Hi Everybody,


The CybOX team here at MITRE has recently engaged in conversations with community members whom have asked questions regarding the management of our GitHub repositories and the principles guiding the development of our tools. Because there may be others with similar questions, we have put up an FAQ section in our Tools wiki on GitHub. We plan on adding more entries and welcome any suggestions for additions.


The FAQ wiki can be found here:


We are also pleased to announce that the IOCextractor tool, developed by Stephen Brannon of the Verizon RISK Team, has included support for exporting IOCs as CybOX Observables. The IOCextractor leverages the current state of our CybOX APIs and bindings for the output of CybOX Observables documents. These APIs are under active development and will see a lot of growth in the near future.


The IOCextractor can be found here:


Thank you,

Bryan Worrell

The MITRE Corporation

Email: [hidden email]