Use Case WG Established -- WG Objectives and Sign-up Procedure

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Use Case WG Established -- WG Objectives and Sign-up Procedure


The first CEE Working Group (WG) has been established. The
purpose of this WG is to document and prioritize use cases
for CEE.

When decisions must be made for any standard, we must rely
on the feedback from the supporting community and the
motivating use cases. For CEE, we have a healthy and
continuously expanding community, but need to begin
deciding which use cases CEE will and will not support.

The expected outcome from this WG is a prioritized listing
of detailed use cases divided into three (3) categories:
  + Use Cases CEE must support
  + Use Cases CEE may support
  + Use Cases CEE will not support

The use cases should at least cover the ways in which
logs are currently used (security audits, SIM correlation,
compliance mandates), but may provide some insight into
potential future uses.

MITRE will facilitate as the WG Lead for the interim.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this working
group, please subscribe to the Use Case WG e-mail list.
All use case and WG-related discussions will be held on
this mailing list to minimize the traffic volumes on the
other mailing lists.

In order to subscribe to the Use Case WG mailing list,
open a new email message and copy the following text to
the BODY of the message "SUBSCRIBE CEE-WG-USECASE-List",
then send the message to: [hidden email].

MITRE will be moderating the registration requests to
this list. We will only be approving subscriptions for
those e-mail addresses already on the CEE Discussion or
Announcement mailing lists.

Working Groups are created to investigate and draft one or
more documents on a certain topic. While MITRE will
provide a mailing list for each discussion group to use,
it is up to the groups to determine how best to operate.

Each WG is responsible for choosing a Lead. The Lead will
be responsible for keeping the WG on task and reporting
status to the Editorial Board at least on a quarterly basis.
While it is preferred that an Editorial Board member be the
Lead, it is not a requirement.

Once the WG has created a stable document, a draft version
will be made available for public comment. During this
period everybody is welcome to review the draft and submit
comments to the WG. The WG will review all comments, make
any necessary revisions, and post the updated draft for
another round of public comment. At least two (2) drafts
must be posted for public review before the document can
be submitted to the Editorial Board. It is ultimately up
to the Editorial Board to decide when a draft document has
reached a point of community consensus, at which point the
document will be considered to be a final version.

Once a final document has been produced, any updates must
be approved by the Editorial Board. In a case where major
changes need to be made, the WG will be re-established to
recommend the necessary updates.

William Heinbockel
Infosec Engineer, Sr.
The MITRE Corporation
202 Burlington Rd. MS S145
Bedford, MA 01730
[hidden email]

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