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Version Component Interpretation

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While matching a “version component” of CPE url, do we really need to parse and interpret the version number into major.minor format?

In CPE specification 2.2, an example is given as

“If a CPE name is needed for all Adobe Reader applications that have a major number version of 8, then a separate CPE should be created as follows”  


Unless the parsing logic decodes and understand the major.minor format, it can not derive the meaning of “major=8, minor=any”. So my question is “Does the CPE standard expects the parsers to break the version number and understand the meaning of it?” As there is no standard format suggested for the version number, how do we parse this “Version Component”? It may contain dashes, periods, etc.

I am not sure whether this question is discussed before or not. If so please excuse me, and point me to that discussion thread.